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  1. Is the gym regularly cleaned/sanitized? Yes, the gym is cleaned regularly and we have a company that comes in and sanitizes the whole building. We also encourage our members to use product before and after use of each piece of equipment while working out. 

  2. What are your hours? We are open 24/7/365. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we were closed for the duration of time that was recommended by our Governor. We are now back and operational.

  3. Are you accepting new members?  Yes! We always welcome new members!

  4. When can I come check out the gym or sign up for a membership? Please call, email, or send us a message via our Contact Us page with your availability to come in. We are not staffed 24/7, but we will make arrangements to meet with you when your schedule allows. 

  5. I am from out of town and would like to temporarily come to your gym. Is that possible? Absolutely! Please email us or use our Contact Us form to let us know when you will be in town and for how long and we will give you pricing for that time frame!

  6. I have a child/children, can they come too? We strive to be a place everyone can be a part of. Healthy lifestyle habits start at a young age. We ask that if you chose to bring your child(ren), to make sure they are capable of learning the equipment properly and are supervised at all times. 

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